Fermentation Gallo Tanin B TDS Tanin Gallique а l'alcool TDS FlavaColor BV TDS Structure BV Coeur De Chene TDS FlavaTann BV Structure TDS FlavaTann BV Dist TDS FlavaTann BV Skin TDS FlavaTann BV Seed TDS Aging FlavaTann B TDS FlavaTann R TDS FlavaTann BV ST TDS FlavaTann BV Querc TDS FlavaTann BV Superior TDS FlavaTann BV Elegance TDS FlavaTann BV T TDS Tannins used in the wine production: The utilization of tannins has revived in the  past few decades. A large percent of the wine  producers rediscovered the oenological values  of these products and their positive impact on  the quality of wine. They have a different  origin and properties, depending on the type  of wine and dosage. During the past few years,  BV Technologies has developed its own range  of tannins, appropriate for each stage of the  wine production. These products were  developed as a result of long years of  partnership with leading companies in this  field, mainly producers from France and Italy.  Bulgaria; Sofia 1404; Deyan Belishki Str.  40-42; Tel: +359 2 9581989; +359 2 9584459; Fax: + 359 2 9584720; email: info@bvtechnologies.com