Products for Stabilization and Clarification  It is common to say that “people consume beer with their eyes”, which means that the  visual perception of the beverage plays an extremely important role. The Consumer  considers the beer as being quality when the product looks appealing months after its  production. The longer the period of time after the production, the more quality is the  beer perceived to be. This period of time is determined by the colloidal stability of the  beer. It mainly loses its clarity due to the  assemble of proteins  and polyfenols.  In other  words, the colodial stability of the malt beer occurs as a result of the relationship between  polypeptides and polyfenols. As a result of this combination there is an obvious sediment  formation.  Jointly with our partners from USA and Germany, we can offer the following  groups of products that are necessary for the stabilization and clarification of your beer:   Products for stabilization; Xerogels;  Hydrogels and  tank stabilizers; PVPP and a  combination between PVPP and Xerogel.  Clarification products for treating ready beer  and wort.  Bulgaria; Sofia 1404; Deyan Belishki Str.  40-42; Tel: +359 2 9581989; +359 2 9584459; Fax: + 359 2 9584720; email: