Roto Noxys - new system for transfer of whole grape in innert medium from  Ragazzini  Rotovib - the destemmer presented in 2011, from Armbruster, allready in  Bulgaria.  NomaSense - modern way to control the oxigen from Nomacorc. Allready in  Bulgaria!  FM01 - monitoring of the fermentation proces by Maselli Misure  Vinoflow Max - improving the filtrability of the wines by Novozymes.  April 2012 BV Technologies started the first Cadalpe cross flow filter in  Bulgaria, model С41S - 2. New yeast strain from Lamothe Abiet for vinification of white aromatic  virieties. New strain bacteria for MLF are presented on the market by BV  Technologies.  Bulgaria; Sofia 1404; Deyan Belishki Str.  40-42; Tel: +359 2 9581989; +359 2 9584459; Fax: + 359 2 9584720; email: