Global Solutions Global Solutions for the Beverage Industry Bulgaria; Sofia 1404; Deyan Belishki Str.  40-42; Tel: +359 2 9581989; +359 2 9584459; Fax: + 359 2 9584720; email: BV Technologies Ltd. ......................................................... BV Technologies Ltd. is located in   Sofia / Bulgaria and has been present on the Bulgarian  market for more than six years. During this period of time the company has gained recognition  as being a reliable business partner to all experts and specialists within the food industry.    The formula of  our success can be described as a combination of appropriate strategy,  extensive knowledge and know-how concerning the technological process of production, in-  depth research of the local market, invention of new products that are created to suit the  demand and needs of our clients, taking into consideration the changes after the flow of foreign  capital into the local companies and producers, provision of consultancy and qualified  assistance in solving current manufacturing issues or carrying out reconstruction and  modernization of the main active funds. BV Technologies Ltd. is trading with numerous  international leading producers of repro materials and machines for the food processing  industry, and offers a wide range of their derivatives. Over the years the company has managed to establish a solid system of sales on the territory of Bulgaria.   Traditions and Inovations Reliability and Quality