Adhesives for evey kind of surface As a result of our partnership with  “Paramelt” we can provide a suitable solution for all  the labeling machines in breweries, production plants for mineral water and soft drinks,  wine and spirits, milk and other products, packaged in glass, PET, cardboard or metal  packages.  Each type of package requires the most appropriate adhesive. We can deliver  adhesives for every kind of surface: wet, dry, hot and cold:  Casein adhesives with excellent resistance to condensation are the most important  kind of adhesive for  glass labeling;  The product line also includes cold resistant  adhesives; The adhesives that are produced from starch are used for glass,  cardboard, and boxes with hot and dry bottles;  The Synthetic adhesives are utilized for glass, PET, PE, and PVC surfaces;  Dextrine adhesives are only used for dry bottles and with the cardboard surfaces  they have an initially strong sticking effect.  The hotmelts are intended to be used for several kind of surfaces and for the  construction and sticking of cardboard packages.   Bulgaria; Sofia 1404; Deyan Belishki Str.  40-42; Tel: +359 2 9581989; +359 2 9584459; Fax: + 359 2 9584720; email: